Friday, 28 September 2012

Back At 'Cha!

Ok, so it's obviously been a bit of a barren waste land over here for a while. *Pause for tumble weed*. I've sat down to blog a few different times, and each time I just feel uninspired, and unfocused and basically, just blah with a little meh tossed in for good measure.
After everything that's gone on this summer, I just thought I'd give myself a break. But, I was talking to Miss Hollie (of White Elephant fame) today, and I thought I'd pop back here and give it a go.
So, I present to you, life in the last little while.

Iris thinks she's people. Note- this photo is entirely unstaged. (Ok, fine, I put the Star Wars blanket on her...but the rest is real.)

They're filming Robo Cop downtown in Hamilton! I love seeing places I know on the big screen. "Guedes" is fictional, but they made it explode. Awesome.

I ate this. And it was glorious. From The Dirty South Food Truck. More info here.

I can't come up with a clever caption for this. Feel free to help out. #WEFL

I met this little man on Super Crawl. He wins best dog hair award.

Fall is coming, and that means tights are back on the wardrobe menu. SCORE.

More horsin' around. This is Bella.

My friend Romeo.

My Polish friends.

Ted got a bath. He didn't have fun.

We ate $52 dollar's worth of Taco Bell. It was epic.

The pink hair made a comeback for the Madonna concert.

MADONNA! In box seats. Catered box seats. We live large.


As you can see, life has been busy. And BREAKING NEWS! I got a camera. Omg. We can have real, good quality, uniformed size photos on at ten pace. Good stuff.

Come back again soon, I promise I'll keep blogging. 

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