Monday, 4 June 2012

Bits and Pieces: Girl's Night Out. (Or: Run For Your Life)

 We hit up Toronto this past weekend for Amanda's 28th birthday party bash. Her champagne birthday! (28 on the 28th). We always have a great time, and this night was no exception. Shenanigans all around. We usually forget to take many pictures once we get to the bar, and again, this night was no exception. I'm lucky to have such lovely friends.
Happy Birthday Amanda!  (I just realized I have no good pictures of Amanda here, and it was her party! When all the pictures are uploaded from cameras, I will add one of her in.)
All pictures VIA Instagram.

Fun Minx nails from Strut Salon.

What's a birthday without pressies?

4 girls in a hotel room = messy.

Silly photo shoots.

Champagne birthday!

View from the hotel.

Me! Smile!

Jana and Natalie. Pretty friends.

New tattoos for pretty girls.

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