Friday, 26 October 2012


Just saying goodbye for the next little while. Tomorrow morning I'm leaving on a jet plane! Destination, Florida.  I've been checking the weather like crazy and although it isn't quite as hot as I'd like it to be, I'll take this:

Over this:


No offense Hamilton, I really do love you.  I'll be spending 7 whole days with my lovely cousin and her mother (my aunt on my dad's side of the family). I'd love it if all the women (mom/grandma/cousin-in-law) in my family could have come, but with work, operations and babies it just couldn't be done.  Maybe one day!

I'm looking forward to just relaxing on the beach, after such a hard few months.  
The place we are going to be spending our time is the resort my family went to every year when I was younger, so it holds some sentimental value for me as well as being a fun vacation.  I spent some great times with my little bro here, playing on the beach and visiting the pier.  And with my grandpa who passed away a few years ago.  And my Aunt is a pro-shopper so I can't wait to hit the stores with her.  

And it's Halloween while we are there, and I finally decided on a costume! I'm going to be Minnie Mouse.  How fitting, right?  I'll definitely post a few pictures of my costume here when I get back, maybe even a "how to" (I pride myself in my ability to put together a really fun costume, no pre-made costumes for this gal!).

Anyways folks, keep warm and I'll be back next week!  MWAH. 

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