Saturday, 17 November 2012

Post- Vaycay Picture Album

Florida was grand! It makes me realize how much real life blows. No, kidding. Real life is fine. But vacation life really is where it's at.  

Obligatory airplane wing pic!

Cricket (my grandma's friend) picked us up at the airport with this sign. I've always wanted a sign airport welcome. My dreams came true in Tampa. Although my named is spelled wrong, which is a pet peeve, but I'll let it slide. 

Grand Shores West, we used to come here every year for my birthday until I got too old to be taken out of school for two weeks. Damn school. 

Our first day at the beach was a mite chilly, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. 

The view from the patio at my grandma's condo. Word at the condo is there is an alligator in those waters, but I didn't see it. So the rumor remains unsubstantiated by this Canadian. 

The sun finally comes out on the beach! Thank goodness. Andrea and I went swimming in the ocean, and I'm sure all the Florida natives could spot us as foreigners from a mile away. 

If you have not been to The Cracker Barrel, you need to plan a trip south ASAP. Mmm. Southern Comfort food. Please note the roaring fire that was burning at the same time as the AC was blasting. It's all about ambiance people.

Our dinner at the Salt Rock Grill was pretty perfect. Watching the sun set over the water, drinking delicious wine and eating yummy seafood. I got the early bird special. Not even joking. 

One third of my vacation was spent thusly.

This was the second third of my time while on vacation. (The last third was a split between eating and shopping).

If you're ever in St. Petersburg you should definitely go and check out The Seabird Sanctuary. Say hi to Stumpy for me. (She's only got one foot....hence the name).

Hope my vacation album made you jealous that you stayed at home. I had a great time with my Aunt and my Cousin, and just relaxing. I really need to make some more time in my life for vacations! 

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