Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What I Wore, Belated Edition.

I just realized that I had posted Halloween potentials and never posted what I actually ended up wearing! Sorry that it's almost the end of November.
I went back and forth for a while, I always have to make sure my costume isn't just thrown together last minute, but this year it also had to be suitcase friendly.  As well, it needed to be warm weather friendly, because of my fabulous Florida Vacation!

So, I decided to just run with a theme and be Minnie Mouse!  I already had this awesome dress from Mod Cloth that I thought would be perfect for Minnie.  I found a matching colored bow, painted some polka dots on it, got myself some mouse ears, and some classic Minnie yellow shoes and VOILA, Minnie Mouse in Florida.  I also got some white gloves and a petty coat for under the dress just to add that extra special touch,
My favorite part was the amazing false lashes I found. They were enormous, but so Minnie Mouse. I had a really hard time not touching my nose all night long. Black face paint and white gloves don't mix.
All around, I think it turned out quite cute. I got a lot of compliments and a "Vegas Show Girl" even asked if she could take my picture! I think I'll even re-use this costume next year in Hamilton. Cute, travel appropriate and economical. Triple Whammy.
I also learned a lot about Minnie from her Wikipedia page.  Go figure.

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