Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A is for Accessorize

Accessories are a girl's best friend! One of the lovely ladies I work with said to me the other day "Linds, you always wear so much color" (true fact), "I wish I could wear color, it just doesn't suit me" (FALSE fact). My motto is "everyone can wear color". Nothing makes a dreary Monday better than a lovely yellow dress, or a coral trench coat. A pop of color really says something about you, and I think everyone should step away from the black, especially for spring.

I know not everyone wants to walk around looking like a cartoon character, so you can easily add a pop of color and sparkle to your everyday look with a great pair of earrings, or a fun ring.  I think accessories make an outfit a 10, so I though I'd share what I've been accessorizing with this week to give you some inspiration.  (Honestly though, try some color in your wardrobe. It'll make your world a better place).

Earrings: Aldo
Sunglasses: DLR (Westdale) 
Necklace: White Elephant, by Stone & Honey. (Also available online here)

Earrings: Le Chateau (people mistake them for vintage all the time)
Necklace: Same as Monday. (It's new and I'm obsessed with it.)

Sunglasses: DLR
Bracelet: Thrifted in London (UK! Woo!)
Necklace: Victoire (From the 2011 Field Trip Pop Up Shop in Hamilton )

Earrings: Birthday present from Jana (from Pure)
Bracelets: Recycled glass bead bracelets, present from Rich. From the Distillery District Market, Toronto.

Earrings: DLR 
Bracelets: Another present from Jana. Because she has amazing taste. (They say "believe in yourself" and "L'amour" which I think is "love always").

Pink Bow (top left): Aldo
Sparkle Flower: Present from my mom
Beige Sparkle Band: Aldo
Lace tie (bottom left): Thrifted
Black Flower Clip: Birthday present made by the fabulous Natalie Rose
Yellow Hair Pin: White Elephant
Red Hair Pin: Ardens (So shameful, but true).

*Ok, I didn't really wear ALL of these hair things on Saturday, but I wanted to include hairbands as accessory options and this picture was so pretty

This is a very special accessory, and while I don't usually believe in "special occasion" jewelry, this kind of falls into that category. On Mother's Day I visited my maternal grandmother, and she gave me this necklace as a gift. It used to be her mother's, and it is so special to me to have this. 

So go forth, and accessorize! Be bold, make a statement! Take pictures and share them with me.
[Craving some more accessory goodness? The lovely Jane of White Elephant posted about some they just got into the store today. WHAT A COINCIDENCE.  Check out her awesome poses here.]
I think this accessory goodness may be a new recurring feature here on At Ten Paces. Love it.

(This post made me realize that a ton of my jewelry- costly and not- have been presents, and that makes them even more special and awesome.)

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