Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rock Point Camping

This past weekend was one of the best Victoria Day long weekends I can remember. Usually everyone gets so excited for the first long weekend of the summer, and it rains and it's cold and no one has fun. But not this year! It was amazing and hot-hot-hot all weekend long.

Rich and I love to go camping, and this weekend was our five year anniversary, so we decided to go for an impromptu camp at Rock Point Provincial Park, about an hour from here outside of Dunville. We usually make a few day trips up there throughout the summer, but we've never camped there. Rock Point is named because of the limestone shelves that run along the edge of the park. The whole area used to be coral reef, about 350 million years ago. When you walk along the rocks at the very end of the park, you can see some really amazing fossils of plant life from the reef. That doesn't sound very exciting, but I swear it is. The fossils are huge, and you can really picture what the area would have been like when it was a reef.

We had a great day on the beach, and we discovered some little spots in the park that we'd never seen before. I was shocked at how beautiful the sunset was on Sunday night over Lake Erie. The water was perfectly still, and all the gorgeous colors of the sun set were reflecting in the lake. You couldn't tell where the sky stopped and the water began.

We managed to score a pretty great camp site, right next to the sand dune lookout, and the beach trail. (And not too far from the flush toilets, which is kind of a must for me.) We usually go much further north for our camping trips, and are used to being a bit more secluded at our campsites, but all in all, Rock Point was a really great place to camp, and would be especially good for families with little ones in tow

Rich went swimming like a crazy person. The water was freezing.

Beach art installations

Camping rule #4: one must always wear a hat while camping.

Exploring some cliffs outside the park.

Seriously beautiful sunset on Lake Erie

Dune trail lookout point.

The view from the top.

You can't drive through Dunnville without stopping to visit Muddy the Mud Cat. He even has his own line of souvenir clothing.  

Ps- I promise to get a real camera soon. 

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