Friday, 18 May 2012

Long Weekend Update (get it?)

Just popping into say Happy Victoria Day! (For those of you non-Canadian readers, Victoria Day is the last Monday before May 24th - also known as "May Two-Four"- to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday!) I can't wait for our first summer long weekend.
The weather has been amazing around here this week, and the forecast says it will be continuing into the weekend.  I have so many fun things planned. This weekend is Rich and I's anniversary, five years! How did that happen?
Saturday I'll be working at White Elephant so come by and say hello! There's tons of new stuff in the store. Long weekend present anyone?
Sunday, Rich and I are heading up to Rock Point to spend the day at the beach. It's a bit of an anniversary tradition, weather permitting. If the nice weather holds, we may bring the tent and camp for the night.  We are planning to go out for a nice dinner as well.
My entire family is also patiently waiting on the arrival of my cousin and his (lovely) wife's little bundle of joy. He's due any minute and I cannot wait! Hurry up baby!

So, I'm taking a long weekend hiatus from blogging to enjoy the arrival of summer/love/family! I'll be back Monday or Tuesday with a post about the weekend's activities.
Do you have any long weekend traditions? I'd love to hear them.  Have a good one :)

(Rich and I at my cousin Craig and his wife Caley's wedding in 2010).

Happy 5 year anniversary Rich! You are the best fella any gal could ask for. Dear Marciano dress I wore, you are also awesome. I can't wait to wear you again. 

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