Sunday, 6 May 2012

Doggie Baking

This isn't a recipe post, it's more of an activity post that happens to contain baking. Baking for dogs! I decided it would be fun to spend some time making some dog treats for Hunter and Iris. It's much more wallet friendly, and I know exactly what they are getting. No scary, random, unpronounceable ingredients.  I made 3 types, chicken and honey, beef and vegetarian. They all turned out really well, although some of the dough wasn't cookie cutter friendly, which I was sad about because I bought some adorable Martha Stewart Doggie Bone Cookie Cutters. That Martha, she thinks of everything.
 They are Hunter, Iris and Zooey approved for now and I'm testing them out on some lovely Hamilton dog owners. So if all goes well, I'm going to start making them for sale!

These cookie cutters couldn't be any cuter!

All natural, healthy ingredients. And some baking tunes.

Mix number one. Beef. Mmm, doesn't it look delicious?

Beef treats, finished. 

Mix number two. Chicken and honey.

This dough rolled out so nicely and was fun to cut into bone shapes.

Cooked and ready to roll.

Waiting for tummies.

Aren't they pretty? Don't you just want to taste one? 

Let me know if you need any treats for your furry friends. I'd be happy to oblige. 


  1. I wish you had posted the recipe, I love baking.

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