Friday, 6 April 2012

Bits and Pieces

Since we're all new here, I thought I'd do a few posts just to let you know what I'm all about and what the life I'm living is like. (Say that ten times fast). Miss James over at Bleubird Vintage is a bit of a blogger goddess in my books, not to get all "fan boy" on you, and she does a "Bits and Pieces" so I thought I'd borrow that concept.
I hope you all have an amazing long weekend and a Happy Easter! I'd love to hear about what you got up to.
Ps- Some of the images have been put through "Instagram". If you have a smart phone, and you don't know what Instagram is, you should look into it ASAP. It's easily my favorite app, and it's free!

1. First bonfire of the year.
2. A walk in the woods.
3. Giant White Elephant logo cookie from Cake and Loaf Bakery.
4. I am obsessed with pink, girly everything.
5. Memories from last summer at the cottage.
6. The second fanciest my nails have ever been.
7. My new friend Hunter.
8. I have a product addiction.
9. Last weekend's brunch with my gal pals.
10. Funny faces.

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