Monday, 30 April 2012

Hamilton Pickers

We recently bought a diner booth, table and two chairs from a fixture sale to put in our kitchen and it such such an awesome set. I don't have a picture right now because the kitchen is messy and I have no energy to clean it.  And, it's not fully set up yet, we need to put up some art and a new shelf. So when that is done I'll post some pictures of the whole kitchen.
I've been looking for a hutch/shelf to replace our horrible, cheap, horrible, ugly one. I was cruising Kijiji lately, and I found the perfect one! 
We trucked out to Dunville last Friday morning and brought it home with us. It couldn't be more perfect, it's just my style and it matches the diner perfectly.  I'm in furniture love. 

Before: Ugh. Horrible, cheap, ugly, unorganized and A MESS. BOO.

                      During:  Picked, placed and ready to go!

                      After: SO GOOD! Pretty and organized and co-ordinating! YAY!

                        Sadie likes it too.  


  1. What a difference. Did you get the cat from Kijiji as well?

    1. Thanks! Sadie is not from Kijiji, she is a shelter cat from years ago.