Thursday, 19 April 2012


On Monday afternoon I had a bit of free time and I decided to head over to the thrift stores surrounding my house. My house is small enough as it is, and Rich has some hoarder tendencies, so we really don't need anymore stuff. But I just can't ignore the siren song of thrifting. I'd love to have an online vintage store one day, so we'll just call it "collecting stock"!
Bibles for Missions, is very hit or miss for me. They almost always have amazing retro furniture (it kills me to leave it at the store. Maybe I should consider investing in a storage unit. I know Richard's ears are burning wherever he is.), but I almost never find anything else good. Needless to say, this post, over at My Edit incited more than a few sour grapes. (I really am happy for her though! What a serious score!)
I also hit Value Village, despite my multiple sworn boycott of them due to their OUTRAGEOUS pricing system. It's just so close to my house, and I usually find good (and overly priced) items.

I found a couple of great things, one not-so-vintage bag for myself, and something quite strange and awesome.

#1. Hand-embroidered Hollie Hobbie in a frame. How darling is this! I had a bunch of Hollie Hobbie stuff when I was wee, and I just couldn't pass this by. It'd be perfect in a little girl's room.

#2. This pretty pretty Pyrex mixing bowl with blue flower pattern. I don't know much about Pyrex patterns, it's definitely something I need to look into. Currently I pick up serving ware based on prettiness. It's working out for me.

#3. The most amazing, and almost mint condition, kitchen storage boxes. Coffee, Tea, Sugar and Flour. I can never pass by a great set of these, they just call to me. In fact, I may already have half of this set in my kitchen from a previous thrift! I'm pretty tempted to keep these ones to be perfectly honest.

(These are the ones already living at my house!)

#4. This very strange, and awesome framed photo of a little girl. I was iffy on this at first, I wasn't sure if it was a poster or a reproduction. I brought it home and it seems to be an original photograph from Italy. It has a kind of tag on the back, and it's embossed on the front. I'm going to put in a little research time and see if I can find out more about this gorgeous little girl. If you are an old photo buff, get in touch!

#5. "Phillips Beauty Set". This is the second, random, retro "esthetics" related purchase I've made. I'll have to do a thrift about my other item, it's one of my favorite things ever. It's a combination razor/nail kit/face massager. All the little heads interchange to do different thing, and it comes with the original manual, and it actually works. So random. So fun.

#6. I'm a sucker for anything with a pop of color, and this Victoria's Secret duffel bag was just too pink for me to pass by. It's perfect for sleepovers! And gym runs! And weekends away! How could I not buy it? Right? Did I mention that it's neon pink?

That's my haul for now!

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