Monday, 16 April 2012

Auchmar House

Rich and I love to take the dogs and go exploring, and we are lucky enough to live in a city that has more than its fair share of great places to explore. The weather was so amazing today, and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and get outside.

One of our favorite places to go is Auchmar House. It is such a beautiful old building, and it holds so much awe inspiring Hamilton history. If only those walls could talk!
Auchmar House was built in 1854 by Sir Isaac Buchanan, a prominent Hamiltonian. It was originally to be his family's summer home, but they loved it so much it became their permanent residence. This house was not only a family home, but was also a rehabilitation center for the Royal Canadian Air Force after World War II, and a religious retreat by the name of Holy Spirit Center run by the Hungarian Sisters of Social Service. The sisters occupied the house from 1945 until the late 1990's, making them the longest standing occupants. The house has been abandoned ever since.

It is such a nice place to walk around, as it is enclosed in by an old wall, and you can even see where the old apple orchard and carriage way ran through the property. Standing inside the gates you can almost imagine what Auchmar would have been like in its heyday.
Unfortunately, no one has been able to find just the right use for the house, and it is in pretty sorry shape. Hopefully soon someone will take this amazing place on, and restore it to its original beauty.

If you haven't been out to Auchmar, I highly recommend it. The property is recognized as a historically significant site, and is owned by the city of Hamilton, making the grounds freely accessible for us all to enjoy. Please, if you do visit the house, treat it like the treasure it is. It breaks my heart to walk by yet another broken window, or destroyed brick. Auchmar House definitely holds a special little place in my Hamilton-loving-heart and I hope you love it as much as I do.
You can also see inside of the house during Doors Open Hamilton, May 5th and 6th.

More information about Auchmar House here, here and a video of the gorgeous interior here.


  1. WHere is this? How do I get there? Iris looks like she likes it too!

    1. Fennel and West 5th. It's kind of kitty-corner from Mohawk College. You can park on the street on West 2nd and you walk over. It's super easy to find. You and Greg and Xavier should go for a walk there. You can borrow Iris :)